The way we work is changing; gone are the days when going to the office was a MUST to do your job. Now, as more and more organizations are moving towards flexible and remote work options, working from home has become a common phenomenon, and a lot of us are up for it. You don’t need to travel, get all dressed up every day, and fake laugh at your boss’s not-so-funny jokes. You just need a little equipment, and you are ready to work from the comfort of your home.

Here we will be mentioning all the things you need for your home office setup, other than your gadgets which we know you already must have. So keep reading and make a checklist of all the things listed down below.

1. High-speed Internet


The first thing you will need is a reliable internet connection. By reliable, we mean the one that is consistent, high-speed, and doesn’t start acting up during your urgent tasks and meetings. We strongly recommend checking out only reliable and renowned ISPs. A decent option for home internet is Xfinity, which offers a reliable and consistent service, perfect for work-from-home remote workers.

High-speed internet is important as it won’t make you wait long for your files to upload or lag during your important calls and meetings. So, get yourself a reliable internet connection as the first thing for your home office!

2. Laptop Stand

Workplace ergonomics are important, and so are your physical health and body posture; a laptop stand comes in handy for both purposes. An elegant laptop stand will improve your workplace ergonomics while also reducing strain on your back. A laptop stand will raise the screen to your eye level, preventing strain on your eyes and back. So, instead of stacking stuff beneath your laptop, invest in an affordable but decent laptop stand and make your workplace comfortable and stylish.

So, if you suffer from a bad posture or a hunched back, say goodbye to all those issues as you invest in a laptop stand for yourself. The only way to tell the difference would be to get one and use one for yourself!

3. Ergonomic Chair


With our sedentary lifestyles and excess reliance on our laptop screens, we spend most of our days sitting on our office chairs, and if your body posture isn’t correct, it can result in some serious issues like backache and stress on the spine and pelvis. That is where an ergonomic chair can help. The S-shape build of these chairs helps relax the back in its natural posture, putting less strain on it and preventing lower back pain.

Moreover, it has also been found that using comfortable and ergonomically designed office furniture improves productivity. So get yourself a nice ergonomic chair and make your life comfortable. This way, you might even make fewer trips to your physiotherapist or chiropractor for that back pain you have been facing for a while.

4. Adjustable Desk

We all can relate to the feeling of strain over our back and hips after sitting for hours in front of our screens, and we have to keep pushing ourselves due to the work we have to get done. That’s where adjustable desks can make our lives a lot better.

An adjustable desk or a sit-stand desk has an adjustable height. So whether you are sitting or standing, you can keep your screen in front of you. These tables are extremely helpful in reducing back pain, burning calories, and improving posture. The Stand Up to Work study found that 47% of people using height-adjustable desks experienced a significant decrease in upper back, shoulder, or neck problems within a year.

5. Printer/Multipurpose Machine


Multipurpose printers are more than just a way to print out your documents; they can turn your home office into an organized and secure hub. These machines help digitize your files and help secure unsecured paper documents into an organized and traceable system. The multipurpose printer also allows you to set permission for your documents, improve their security, and upgrade their ease of use and support.

6. Backup Drive

Protecting your data is crucial, especially when working from your home office. While you can use cloud-based backup services, it is always good to ensure maximum security by keeping an in-house backup drive alongside. Having this backup will ensure that your data is protected no matter what happens, and you will have an accessible copy of all your important documents with you at all times.

Here you have two options, you could either get an HDD (Hard Disk Drive) for yourself which gives you greater storage space and less cost but the catch is that it has a slower writing speed. The other storage drive that you can get for yourself is an SSD (Solid State Drive) which is costly but gives you greater computational speed and reliability.

7. Home Coffee Station


Probably something that you weren’t expecting on this list, right? We all crave some caffeine as fuel to run our bodies for hours and going to Starbucks every time you want a cup of iced latte sounds like a waste of money and time. Why not get yourself a home coffee station? There are coffee stations available in all sizes and shapes.

An example is the Nespresso coffee maker, which can make a perfect cup of coffee in minutes. Just add some water at the back, pop in your favorite pod, place your cup below, and watch the coffee maker pour in the perfect drink for you, invoking a sense of joy in you as you watch your coffee pour!

Wrapping Up

Working from your home might sound overwhelming when things aren’t in order. But having everything organized and having everything you need to work efficiently in order can make working from home a blessing. We have listed above a few things you must have for your home office. These few things can make a huge positive impact on making your home office much more comfortable and productive.

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