Did you know that your phone can send and receive signals even when not connected to the internet and without a SIM card?

You may have noticed that with the SOS option you can use it when the device is not linked to any service. Also, it can be located that way as well.

Each phone has a unique number, similar to the serial number that is provided to it during production. Therefore, even though all iPhones look the same these days, there is one thing that makes them different, and that is the IMEI number.

The best part is that you can use that information to find more details about your device. That is especially important when buying a used one. You can check out whether the iPhone is original, or if the warranty is still active. You can learn more about that at imei24.com

This article will explain more about what IMEI is and why it is important.

How to Find It?

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If you are a buying a new model, then it is quite simple. There is an IMEI code printed on the box. Some models even have it printed on the back, such as Samsung.

For those who want to buy a used iPhone, you can find this detail even if the previous owner lost the box and all the documents.

There are two solutions to find it. The first one is to enter a code *#06#, and the second one is to look in the settings by checking Setting>General>About.

What Information Can It Show?

This is the main reason why you must have it before getting a used device. Pay attention if you find an offer where someone is selling a recent model for a very low price.

You can use that code to find many details. First of all, to make sure it is not on a blacklist. In that case, there won’t be much use of it.

Also, it could be locked by a company with MDM, meaning someone else is controlling the device.

Besides that, it is common that carriers often lock their devices to limit them only to their network. That’s quite common for a long time. A network company will provide phones with standard plans for a lower price, but it will use this option to make it available only for that particular network.

You can remove that limit in the service, but that means you will have to spend more money after getting a used device.

In case the phone was stolen, and the thief is now trying to sell it, chances are high that the real owner turned on the Activation Lock, which will only cause you issues, and you will get a useless device.

So, next time when you want to buy a used one, be sure to get this information from the owner so you can check all these details.

Why Is It Important?

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As you could read in previous sections, IMEI can provide a lot of details. But that is not important only for the buyer of a used device.

You should always keep the box in a safe place, or upload the IMEI to some folder where you can easily find it.

The reason for this is that you can easily resolve all kinds of issues simply by providing it. For example, a carrier company will ask for it if you want to activate a warranty.

Also, if you lost the phone, or you think someone stole it, the Police can track the iPhone with this code.

After all, that is one of the reasons why phone stealing dropped so much in recent years even though phones are getting more advanced.

Even if the stolen device is taken to some recycling store that business will always check the IMEI to find more details.

Tips for Buying a Used iPhone?

Apart from the IMEI (which remains a key detail to look for), there are other things to also keep in mind.

First of all, where to buy it. Our suggestion is to use well-known places where people will have to share personal data. In such case, if someone sells you a stolen device, or if the details are not the same as in the description, you can easily find that person top give you a refund.

The safest places for used tech are eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Amazon. But there is an even better solution, which is to check out if Apple is offering used devices. They do this all the time.

Also, we have to mention the refurbished phones. It might be more expensive than the used one you can get form other people, but the condition will be close to brand new.

The main point is that all these options are safe. Even if you are not satisfied with a deal, if there was a hidden failure, physical damage, or anything else, that can be easily solved since you know where you bought it and from whom.

On the other hand, finding a used 14 Pro Max on the street for $100 means that it is either fake or stolen.

Don’t rush with the selection as well. Check out the common prices of used models. When you are aware of this, you will know when something is suspicious.

The Bottom Line

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The IMEI holds the same value as Chassis Number on a vehicle. It cannot be changed, and you will be able to find a lot of details about the device with it.

In that matter, always insist on getting the 15-digit code and use the platform where you can easily get more details.

The best part about the platforms is that they are easy to use. All you need to do is to type in the IMEI, and you will get all sorts of details including the exact model, when it was bought, warranty status, carrier, and even additional details like if it is blacklisted, blocked by the carrier, and more.

Be sure to always keep one of your current devices in a place where you can easily find it.

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